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The Boattle is here! is my new project, highly inspired by the ".io" games trend. It is about battles in the sea, with unique PowerUps that you can use to take down other player's battle ships!

It's not clear the plan that I have for it for the future, but I'd like to do something amazing with this project, which I think has potential and a nice vibe.. and hell! It's summer, let's get a fresh play shooting boats to death!

I will be publishing the game on many known game portals with the help of a friend, starting with PacoGames!

Have fun! And also, you've got a suggestion system placed in the game, so please, if you have any idea on how to improve the game, don't hesitate on sending me a quote!

Ceasing support for "Lucky Numbers" and news to come!

Some times we have to face the truth, when it comes to me, I had to shut down "Lucky Numbers" because it wasn't going well.

I had to make the decision of shutting down support on it and its servers to start thinking on new ideas.

Following that premise, there's news to come, very very soon. Stay tunned!

Check out Element Smash, my Ludum Dare 35 Entry!

Once again I participated in the Ludum Dare Jam competition and joined in with a talented artist (@sodap_).

Together we built a great entry that is a mix between nintendo's megahit franchise ``Super Smash Bros┬┤┬┤ and the good old Rock Paper Scissors, with an elemental theme.

Choose your element every few seconds and try to kick your opponent out of the playfield!

Check it out!

Lucky Numbers launched on!

The high anticipated idle gambling MMO where if you actually do good, you'll get paid, is out on PacoGames!

It's a game all about luck and anticipation! Try it out now!

Hockey League is up on Kongregate!

I just launched my latest game (Hockey League) on Kongregate!

It's a small game, arcadey multiplayer (and vs AI) air hockey, with some sweet graphics and feelings!

What are you waiting for? Play it now!